Read through some Physique Factor testimonials from clients over the years:

Anthony Buzzelli

I have trained with several fitness coaches over the years, but none offer the balance which inspires me to continue the discipline of fitness for a long time. Martin seeks to understand what your training goals are and aligns a personalized program to your stated needs. He keeps the workouts fresh, because he constantly researches new approaches to training and wellness. He doesn't use the same formula for every client. Each session is designed for you. You should expect a variety of exercises each time you workout with Martin. His style of training has eliminated the boredom of repetition which I have experienced with others. Also his philosophy is to teach you exercises which you can do anywhere. You don't need to be tethered to a gym to remain fit. I continue many of the exercises I learn from Martin when I travel or at home. Martin is focused on helping his clients become fit and stay fit. His formula is all about your health and having fun maintaining it.


Martin Mapoma is the best personal trainer ever.  He is extremely knowledgeable about his field and spends a lot of time and energy in the area of professional development.  As a result, his clients benefit from the most up to date and most effective training sessions; individualized to meet their specific goals.  I lost weight and reshaped my body due to my sessions with Martin.  Originally a size 14-16, I am now a size 10, toned and much leaner.  I enjoy exercise for the first time in my life and feel the satisfaction of a job well done when we finish our sessions.  This is due to the variety and the challenges that Martin employs with each client.  He is an exceptional trainer, who loves what he does.  He will change your body and improve your health


I love working out with Martin and I always look forward to our workouts. I never felt comfortable working out at big, impersonal gyms and with my busy schedule I need to make the most out of my workout time. Martin helps me do that and he makes it fun. He’s introduced me to all different types of workouts and taps into the things that I enjoy doing (like boxing!) and incorporates them into our workouts. He sets goals that we reach together and he’s my biggest supporter. He celebrates every milestone with me, from the first time I did “real” pushups to the first time I raised the kettlebell over my head to the first time I bought smaller clothes because nothing fit anymore. If he says I can do something I know he means it and I’m always able to make it through. I feel great about myself and the way I look and I know I couldn’t have done it without Martin.

Ed Foster

White hair, sagging body, second level balcony with an unsteady balance has slowly but surely transformed an 82 aged male into a walking, breathing human being.  Martin's knowledge, dedication, sincerity, caring, concern and continuing education make him a MUST on anyone’s agenda for any fitness work.  Unequivocally he is tops in his field.  May God always bless and help him as he helps others.

Arvee Robinson
Master Speaker Trainer

When I met Martin I was overweight, feeling sluggish and unhealthy. In a matter of weeks, Martin had me running, lifting weights, and working out regularly. Martin saw something in me that I did not see in myself and that was that I was a natural born runner. Never having run in my life, I laughed at him. I laughed even harder when he suggested that I run in the Los Angeles Marathon in 2007. That was two marathons and three half marathons ago and a many 5K and 10K runs. Today, I continue to run and workout with Martin because he still sees the greatness in me.

Michael Jakubowski
Sifu (Teacher) |

As a Kung Fu/Self Defense Instructor, I thought I knew all about fitness and being in shape...but Martin taught me new ways to train and stay fit. I have over 30 years of martial arts experience and what I know about martial arts, Martin knows about fitness!

Jason D.

Martin: great guy! Really spends the full time with you and has a genuine desire to assist you in reaching your goals. I definitely see a difference when training with him. He is not only focused on actual movements and workouts during my hour with him, but he also offers great feedback on nutrition and stretching outside of the gym.

Dave O.

Martin Mapoma's Physique Factor is the finest upholstery business in Los Angeles. In me, trainer Mapoma transformed an old, overstuffed couch with legs into a well-conditioned human being. I couldn't be more grateful.

Mapoma's success at breathing life into students lies in his extraordinary abilities as an instructor. He wove into each of my kettlebell sessions elements of cardiovascular movement, boxing, kinetics, nutrition, and circuit training. It was apparent after just one class that I'd burned fat, built muscle, and improved my endurance.

The trainer's impressive creative skills are outmatched only by his strengths in assessment, motivation, and communication. Rebuilding someone - changing a person's life - does not come without a student's putting in hard work. Mapoma's expert, energetic guidance made the struggle fun.

Pasadena is home to a constellation of the nation's best gastronomic, educational, artistic, and horticultural institutions. But Physique Factor and Martin Mapoma are the city's brightest stars.


Martin Mapoma is the GUY!--We're in our early 70's/late 60's--we had been very active, but gradually slowed-down, losing our stamina & strength---along with experiencing all the "creaking" parts...Martin designed a program that is bringing us back with flexibility, core, & posture's like a surprise renaissance...

Jenny K.

I was interested in learning kettlebell training and found Martin Mapoma, who turned out to be a great kettlebell trainer. He is very knowledgeable and energetic. In addition to the introductory one-on-one sessions, he also offers classes with a few people if you can't afford the expense of regular one-on-one training. The classes are a great workout and you get a lot of personal attention. I always leave exhausted but want to come back. I am also going to try boxing semi-personal training sessions with him since I have always thought that would be fun.

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