Physique Factor is a full service health and fitness company providing customized personal training, partner training, small group training and nutritional counseling.
What kind of customer does Physique Factor appeal to?

Physique Factor appeals to people who take their fitness seriously. Whether you are looking to get back in shape or are trying to get in shape for the first time Physique Factor can help.

Why kettle bells?

Kettle bells have been around since the early 1700’s. They are not a passing fad! They deliver extreme all-around fitness. No single other tool does it better. Here is a short list of hardware the Russian kettlebell replaces:dumbbells,barbell,belts for weighted pull-ups and dips, thick bars, lever bars, medicine ball, grip devices and cardio equipment.’

What are some the features of Physique Factor workouts?

  • Full body /isolation exercises: Helps deal with asymmetries in the body
  • Ballistic training: Helps with jumping, sprinting and any other explosive movement.
  • Functional strength training: Strength training with real world applications.
  • Strength training of the entire kinetic chain: The ability to move well and move strong.
  • Progressive workouts: To avoid workout plateaus.

Do I have to already be in shape to workout?

Workouts with Physique Factor are all tailored to meet your needs. Regardless of which program you are in, your present state of fitness is always taken in to account.

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